UT urges students to apply for federal aid as new deadline approaches

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — University of Tennessee leaders are urging students to take advantage of the free application for federal tuition aid before it’s too late.

After the new version of FAFSA rolled out in December of last year, the deadline to complete the FAFSA was pushed back to May 15.

“We believe that being able to afford college is a key step in being able to go to college,” Vice President of UT Academic Affairs Bernie Savarese said. “So it’s important that students and families consider completing by May 15 to really unlock the maximum amount of aid.”

With the UT Knoxville Campus Advisory Board proposing a 2% increase in undergrad tuition, completing the FAFSA could save thousands of dollars for students.  

“As I think about every year that millions of dollars are left on the table because students don’t complete the FAFSA, that could mean thousands of dollars for local students and families. So, it’s really important that they complete that and take full advantage of any financial aid,” Savarese said. “Even if they don’t think they qualify for federal aid, that state aid and local aid can be unlocked as well.”

UT freshman Jacob Ogle said his financial aid is the reason he could look at college as a possibility.

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