Tennessee Universities support Tennessee communities.

A four-year public degree is good for your community and good for you.

Not only do college graduates have statistically higher lifetime earning potential, broader networks and connections, and fewer chronic health issues, but the benefits of a four-year degree also extend far beyond one individual and can have a lasting impact on their community.

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Workforce development

Tennessee’s most in-demand workforce needs such as educators, doctors and engineers all require a four-year degree.


Over 70% of Tennessee business leaders see a workforce skills gap, but public universities are bridging it with skilled employees.

Economic growth

Public universities significantly boost the U.S. economy; a 1% rise in bachelor’s degrees in the 2010s would’ve added $130.5 billion.

good for Tennesseans


Public college grads have higher-paying jobs, better health, and improved well-being, contributing to society’s prosperity.


A Bachelor’s degree yields $1.4M more in earnings compared to high school diplomas; 90% of TN public universities rank high in graduate economic mobility.


Universities bring people together through dorm life, clubs, sporting events, volunteer opportunities and more, and individuals with a bachelor’s degree are twice as likely to report satisfaction with their lives than those without.

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