Commentary: Making it in music is tough. A four-year degree in music can offer advantages.

It’s a classic American story: Someone moves to the big city with nothing to their name but a dream. Maybe, with good timing and some luck, they can turn that dream into something tangible. Social media appears to have made finding stardom and success in the music business as easy as posting some TikTok videos. The reality, though, is that it’s difficult to go viral online, and it’s even harder to leverage a few million views on a catchy song into a lasting career.

Navigating the music business can be challenging. A recording industry degree can make it easier to build a sustainable career by providing connections, skills and credibility. The same is true for any competitive industry.

Students at Middle Tennessee State University enroll in our degree programs because they understand that, if they want to be successful in the music industry, they need a solid foundation. Whether a student wants to be the musician on stage, the person who wrote the song, the audio engineer behind the scenes, the business executive who planned the tour or the entertainment journalist covering the performer, there’s a degree program at MTSU that can give them the formal training, credibility and networking opportunities to help make it happen.

Raw talent and intellect are crucial, but they aren’t everything. When a student pursues a four-year degree in music, they’re in for four years of rigorous training under the guidance of professionals. That’s invaluable time spent honing technical skills, learning the craft of making, marketing and protecting music, and earning a well-rounded education. The opportunity to work in world-class facilities and get hands-on experience with industry leaders and state-of-the-art technology and practices also makes great resume fodder.

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